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Life is weird sometimes. I imagined today to be mindblowing - seeing Coldplay, one of my favorite bands, live for the first time. However, I didn't get to see them - there was a lot of trouble with the trains that were supposed to bring me to Cologne, we were late several times, and after the person that sat behind me started to talk really weirdly to another person on the phone, sounding as if planning to detonate a bomb (just don't ask), I left the train, called my mother in complete panic and finally went home with the next train. You see, the day was pretty messed up - but at least I found an unexpected e-mail in my university-mailbox, saying that we have to be in class tomorrow (which is never the case). So at least I won't miss another spanish class. Honestly? I would have prefered to experience the concert, but I guess that's not how life works.

15.12.11 23:02

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Franzi / Website (16.12.11 11:13)
Du kannst echt toll Gitarre spielen (:

Senia / Website (17.12.11 00:38)

(17.12.11 16:57)
toll! gefällt mri sehr (das video ;D)

isabel / Website (21.12.11 10:50)
wow, das ist echt schön gespielt und du hast auch eine sehr niedliche stimme - arbeite weiter dran, mag gern mehr hören

alina / Website (25.12.11 14:31)
gefällt mir

ruth / Website (15.1.12 22:40)
you have a amazing clear and beautiful voice!

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